Let’s move on from condensed milk…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHmm, I’m feeling guilty about sugar today. I’m feeling bad about processed foods and carbohydrates too. I’m feeling bad that I haven’t been to pole dancing for a couple of weeks, and that I still haven’t joined the pilates class I’ve been talking about. I feel guilty that I don’t bound out of bed, eager to go nursing on the days I’m not writing, and that I often cancel my shifts when I don’t need to because I can’t face the patients whinging at me. I feel bad that I watch too much TV in the evenings instead of working on worthy craft projects, and that I like gin so much. I feel angry at myself that I bitch about people and that I never meditate, and that I haven’t saved more money in my life. Not to mention that my garden has run to rack and ruin, and is full of friggin’ weed and crap. Apart from that, it’s a gorgeous, nearly spring day outside today. I posted the photo of our markets in the city. They are awesome. Every week I feel bad that I go to Woolworths instead to shop…  I should go for an afternoon walk now, but I think I might lie down and have a little nap instead. I’m exhausted!!


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