A New Day Has Come

It’s actually Monday that has arrived, but with it has come some sun, a final round of edits on my next book, and a plan. From now on, when a little down in the dumps, perplexed or lost, I am simply going to say to myself “what would Celine do in this situation?” I love Celine. I love her so much I did heaps of extra nursing shifts a few years back and went to Las Vgas with my muse to see her in concert. He refused to come with me, sitting in the sports bar at Caesar’s Palace instead. Which is probably a good thing. I bawled my eyes out the whole way through the concert. I still don’t know why, but for ages afterwards I couldn’t even talk about seeing her without crying. Pathetic, I hear you say. Yes, but she is going to be my inspiration for a better year. So on that note, let me share with you a recipe for a cleaning product I use around the house. It’s cheap, easy to make, effective, and is something I’m pretty sure Celine would use, if she did her own cleaning… This week will see a return to the kitchen for me too. My beloved has put his foot down. It was nice while it lasted!!


1/3 measure of methylated spirits

2/3 measure of tap water

Bloody good squeeze of dish washing detergent

20 drops of your favourite essential oil

Method: Put it into a spray bottle and fire away.


When your mojo vanishes…

photo-60 Something weird and wrong has happened in my universe. I can’t go into the kitchen at the moment, I can’t cook, I don’t want to read recipe books… I’ve lost my cooking mojo. I found this definition of mojo

Self-confidence, Self-assuredness. As in basis for belief in ones self in a situation. Especially in the context of contest or display of skill such as sexual advances or going into battle (author: or making dinner).

I was looking outside today at my garden (pictured above). I think this sums up where I’m at. This is what the garden looked like last year:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANow it’s a friggin’ wasteland of weeds and half dead chilli bushes. I told my muse (husband), who is now on cooking duty, that maybe I’m gearing up for a mid-life crisis. The problem is, I can’t think of anything I would like to do, to mark such a crisis. A friend of mine is having twins at 50 years of age, another friend left her husband and found the love of her life, and yet another friend has decided to train as a kineseologist. None of these options appeal. I was thinking of a trip to Paris, but everyone does that. Plus, my birthday is in the middle of the tourist season. Then I thought about working in a hospital overseas, but I work as a nurse here, so it doesn’t really make much sense. I might just give up cooking, and sit morosely looking out the window for a week or two. I could pout, and look interesting, sip some wine and read a book. Except I still have to go food shopping, and clean the house (and tend to the pet ferrets) so that’s not going to work either.

Meanwhile, the release of my new e-book romance is getting closer. Maybe, I will have a little party to celebrate instead. That, and the return of the sun. I can’t remember the last time it stopped raining, or wasn’t grey outside. French Champagne. That might be the magic needed to pull me from my slump and bring back my mojo…

Let’s move on from condensed milk…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHmm, I’m feeling guilty about sugar today. I’m feeling bad about processed foods and carbohydrates too. I’m feeling bad that I haven’t been to pole dancing for a couple of weeks, and that I still haven’t joined the pilates class I’ve been talking about. I feel guilty that I don’t bound out of bed, eager to go nursing on the days I’m not writing, and that I often cancel my shifts when I don’t need to because I can’t face the patients whinging at me. I feel bad that I watch too much TV in the evenings instead of working on worthy craft projects, and that I like gin so much. I feel angry at myself that I bitch about people and that I never meditate, and that I haven’t saved more money in my life. Not to mention that my garden has run to rack and ruin, and is full of friggin’ weed and crap. Apart from that, it’s a gorgeous, nearly spring day outside today. I posted the photo of our markets in the city. They are awesome. Every week I feel bad that I go to Woolworths instead to shop…  I should go for an afternoon walk now, but I think I might lie down and have a little nap instead. I’m exhausted!!


An Epic Fail…

photo-51 I’m just going to be really honest. I bought a tin of condensed milk yesterday to make some lovely recipe to share on the blog. However, there are certain things in life I can’t resist. Condensed milk would be the top of the heap. My muse (husband) said, as he wandered by, “you told me never to bring that stuff into the house.” My reply was “and you can bloody well see why!” The tin is completely empty and in the recycling bin. Sorry (but not really). Back to the drawing board…