Chai For Beginners

Chai for Beginners FINAL

Chai For Beginners is my first published novel. I’d spent a lot of time trying to get it published in Australia, but to no avail. Talk about character building! Then, one day a friend showed me an article on the publishing industry in India. It’s HUGE – like in one of the biggest readerships of English print books in the world. As the novel is partially set in India, I contacted Rupa Publications in Delhi. They are a fantastic, independent publishing house, and they liked the novel! The rest, as they say, is history. The moral of this story is, don’t be scared to look outside the square…


Life in Sydney, Australia, has come apart at the seams for Sita Sinclair. At 27, she’s been dumped by her boyfriend and lost her job. However, Sita’s fortunes begin to change when she starts a new job. Into her life comes the gorgeous art director Callum and the devoted friend, Gerome. Gerome helps Sita find a dream apartment, which leads to an unexpected friendship with an elderly Indian neighbour, Mrs Sharma. From Mrs Sharma, Sita learns about her namesake in The Ramayana. As Sita’s world expands, a journey beckons to a foreign land, both physical and spiritual, if Sita can find the courage to learn from her mistakes.

Set against the backdrop of the advertising industry in Sydney, and New Delhi, Varanasi and Mt Abu, this novel spans cultures and continents and is a journey of discovery for the spirit and soul.


This really was an easy-breezy read. And quite impressive. It is a moving (and fast paced) story taking the reader from Sydney to New Delhi to Varanasi to Mt Abu without any loose strings. Spanning different continents, cultures and colors, it leads to self discovery and growth of Sita’s emotional self. It focuses on her spiritual growth and helps her grow as a person and as a traveler too. The metamorphosis of the character is done with ease and precision. I’d say do give this a read. It won’t take much time and it surely will entertain you. Jane Ainslie surely captured a fine essence of India – right from the cover page till the very end. Reviewed by Soniare Reviews -

Jane’s book is spirited and colourful, an easy read and makes for a good companion for our morning chai. Sita Sinclair is every woman on the planet who has suffered humiliation and dejection, is constantly pressured into pre-defined societal roles and bound by male prejudices. Sita is also today’s modern woman who is independent, opinionated and forward-looking. I’m sure almost all the female readers of this novel will be able to relate to Sita’s fears, anxieties and apprehensions as well as her new-found happiness and relief. Reviewed by Indian Book Reviews –

Available From:

Many places! Just google the title and it will pop up all over the place to buy. Angus & Robertson are even selling it now. Excellent…

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