Celine Dion inspired thoughts for the New Year


I am so happy it’s 2015. While 2014 was not my finest hour, it taught me a lot. I was thinking about this when I came across an article on the internet titled ‘People Who Like Celine Dion Are People, Too’. WTF!! The article was written by a guy who hated Celine Dion, and pointed out that ‘an appreciation of pop music trades specifically in matters of coolness.’ In other words, he thought Celine Dion, and her fans, were uncool.

I’ve got to be honest, and say this is very much part of the human condition – being judged by what you like, who you like, and what you do. It’s almost like in society there is some club that only certain cool people are allowed to join. You get to join it if you are a certain shape (so you can wear the fashions deemed cool), if you listen to certain music (usually something not played on commercial radio), or you only see art house movies preferably with subtitles. I suspect you can’t join this club if you confess to having blubbed your way through a Celine Dion concert, and you certainly can’t join it if you love ferrets and make miniature dollhouses in your spare time.

Sometime last year it hit me that none of that matters. What matters is being happy, and having fun. It’s quite a hard thing to do, to stand up proud and say ‘I friggin’ love Celine Dion.’ It’s even harder to not care if you get laughed at, but here’s the secret. People never really grow up. We’re still all kids standing around in the playground, hoping to be accepted and wishing we could roll with that gang over there that everyone wants to be in. I think as we get older we don’t grow up. We just forget how to have fun, and we think everything is so serious and important. Actually, it isn’t. We all have responsibilities as we get older, but at the end of the day, you are going to be a lot happier doing something you love, than trying to fit in with everyone else. And one other thing. No one is truly watching you, and if they are judging you as being uncool, then really give them something to talk about.


So, why not make 2015 the year when you hold your head up high, be your authentic self and damn well do what makes your heart sing! Happy 2015 everyone. May it be a great year for you.