A New Day Has Come

It’s actually Monday that has arrived, but with it has come some sun, a final round of edits on my next book, and a plan. From now on, when a little down in the dumps, perplexed or lost, I am simply going to say to myself “what would Celine do in this situation?” I love Celine. I love her so much I did heaps of extra nursing shifts a few years back and went to Las Vgas with my muse to see her in concert. He refused to come with me, sitting in the sports bar at Caesar’s Palace instead. Which is probably a good thing. I bawled my eyes out the whole way through the concert. I still don’t know why, but for ages afterwards I couldn’t even talk about seeing her without crying. Pathetic, I hear you say. Yes, but she is going to be my inspiration for a better year. So on that note, let me share with you a recipe for a cleaning product I use around the house. It’s cheap, easy to make, effective, and is something I’m pretty sure Celine would use, if she did her own cleaning… This week will see a return to the kitchen for me too. My beloved has put his foot down. It was nice while it lasted!!


1/3 measure of methylated spirits

2/3 measure of tap water

Bloody good squeeze of dish washing detergent

20 drops of your favourite essential oil

Method: Put it into a spray bottle and fire away.


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