My Hundred Lovers?

Zi6_9509I finished reading ‘My Hundred Lovers’ by Susan Johnson. It was a beautifully written book, about a woman who is turning fifty, and chronicles her sensual adventures from her childhood onwards. It’s literary, poetic, deep and meaningful (okay, I got a bit bored and skipped to the last page because it wasn’t as racy as I hoped it would be). What I did think, after finishing that last page, was I would never write a book about any amorous adventures I might have had, but I would write about my favourite foods I have eaten, or cooked (or even grown) over my life. I know my blog is meant to be about writing, but frankly, writing involves putting your backside on a seat, and spending hours tapping away at your computer, editing your creation until the cows come home, then hoping that it will be a published, and you will make a fortune from it. I do have an e-book due out soon, but until then, I don’t have a lot to say about my writing adventures, but I do have a lot I could say about food. So that shall be the theme of my posts for the next few weeks (or until I run out of ideas about food). That is not my beloved in the photo either, it’s some French dude, enjoying a healthy meal of cigarettes, wine, chips and raw steak. Yum. So on that note, I shall away, as my beloved and I are heading out into the wet, windy night for a meal and a warming glass of vino.

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