Where had the year gone?!!!


Am I the only one asking, ‘where did the bloody year go?’ Last time I looked, it was July and now they are saying it’s only three weeks till Christmas. Luckily I have the Xmas tree up. Although, I’ve had to mount it on a very high coffee table, because we have a ferret who has made it her personal mission to pull the tree over… Well Jane, I hear you say, what fun things do you have to share with us?


I’ve decided to only keep things around me which give me joy (thanks Marie Kondo).¬†I was early for an appointment yesterday, and there happened to be a big junk shop near by. Look what I found!! It’s meant to be a butter dish, but I’m going to use it to store my pins for my sewing projects.


Then I found this. It’s an 80 year old cooking book. I couldn’t resist, especially when I opened it up and saw this.


To Mother, from the boys, 1936.’ If that didn’t tug on the heart strings, nothing else would. Anyway, I purchased it, then¬†discovered lots of loose recipes, and scribbled notes within the book. What a treasure, a real echo from the past. I think I might even do some cooking from it and see how it turns out. So on that note, let the countdown to Christmas begin, and may you keep cool, calm and collected and enjoy what is left of 2016.



My Hundred Lovers?

Zi6_9509I finished reading ‘My Hundred Lovers’ by Susan Johnson. It was a beautifully written book, about a woman who is turning fifty, and chronicles her sensual adventures from her childhood onwards. It’s literary, poetic, deep and meaningful (okay, I got a bit bored and skipped to the last page because it wasn’t as racy as I hoped it would be). What I did think, after finishing that last page, was I would never write a book about any amorous adventures I might have had, but I would write about my favourite foods I have eaten, or cooked (or even grown) over my life. I know my blog is meant to be about writing, but frankly, writing involves putting your backside on a seat, and spending hours tapping away at your computer, editing your creation until the cows come home, then hoping that it will be a published, and you will make a fortune from it. I do have an e-book due out soon, but until then, I don’t have a lot to say about my writing adventures, but I do have a lot I could say about food. So that shall be the theme of my posts for the next few weeks (or until I run out of ideas about food). That is not my beloved in the photo either, it’s some French dude, enjoying a healthy meal of cigarettes, wine, chips and raw steak. Yum. So on that note, I shall away, as my beloved and I are heading out into the wet, windy night for a meal and a warming glass of vino.