Airing Your Dirty Laundry

I love these sorts of sayings. Images of hanging all your unwashed undies and dirty tea towels out in the front yard to flap around in the breeze for everyone to see. I mean really, who ever would have done that? Well, I was getting to that point, so I shouldn’t really be sniggering as I write this. Let me explain…

For a few days our washing machine had been really stinky. The pong exuding from it reminded me of all sorts of delightful nursing experiences. After a journey into Google Land, my muse decided that Oxygenated Bleach, also known as Sodium Percarbonate, was the answer.

‘Wow Jane, did it work, or did you blow up your washing machine?’ I hear you asking. Let me show you.



I filled the tub with hot water, then poured in 500 grams of the powder. It started fizzing and popping, and the air in the laundry stank. Pretty soon, weird blobs of stuff were floating in the washing water. It was an epic moment of grossness in an otherwise quite boring area of domestic duties.

This is what came out in the filter.image


I don’t really feel I need to say much more about this. It was a great result from a relatively harmless substance, which breaks down into enviornmentally friendly byproducts, but kills all the grungy things in your wshing machine. I love it!

So, that’s my handy tip for this week, and if fung shui is to be believed, there will be no more airing of dirty laundry in our house.



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