Nourishing Broth for Small, Unwell Fur Babies

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI thought today I would share a recipe we make for our beloved ferrets, when they are under the weather. When an animal is sick, it’s so hard to get them to take nourishment, but we have found that this broth will be almost universally eaten by ferrets, kittens, cats and small puppies or dogs. You can even grind up medications and put them in the broth, to get them to take it, and we have often put Bach Flower and Bush Flower remedies in to a warm bowl of this, when our fuzzies need it. We keep our freezer stocked with the broth, frozen in ice cube trays, then stored in a container. To be honest, our little fur balls get a bowl of this to share every day… It takes a while to prepare, but as with anything to do with pets you love, it is never a chore. So, here we go!


1 chicken (for boiling)

2 chicken breasts

1 or 2 cups of rolled oats

4 eggs


So the basic idea is to cover the chicken with water and boil it in a large pot for approximately 1 hour until all the meat is cooked. Remove from the stock, and allow the chicken to cool. Next, add the chicken breasts into the broth and simmer until they are cooked. Set aside. Into the broth add the rolled oats and eggs.  Allow to simmer for a while before adding back in the meat, removed from the chicken carcass, and the chicken breasts, cut into small pieces. When it is cool enough, blitz it with a blending stick, then when it is totally cool, put it into ice cube trays, and freeze for future use. If you animal is sick when you make this, then offer them small, regular amounts until they recover. We make it into a thick broth, by adding more oats, and add kitten milk to it, to make it thinner. Our ferrets love it!

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